Customer Service Counter : Miniapolis staff are always ready and responsive to serve your

needs and answer Miniaparents’ questions.


Stroller Parking : In Miniapolis there is a special area for placement of Miniakids’ stroller.


Waiting Area : A seating area for Miniaparents while waiting for Miniakids to play.


Kids Toilet : Miniapolis provides special toilet with children's sizes so that

Miniakids are more comfortable (only for Miniapolis Plaza Indonesia).

Changing Station : A special place for Miniaparents to change Miniakids’ diaper

 (only for Miniapolis Plaza Indonesia).

First Aid : Miniapolis staff is always ready to handle first aid on the possibility of an accident

in Miniapolis.

CCTV : Each location of Miniapolis is equipped with CCTV for security reason.


Nursing Room : Miniapolis provides a special area for breastfeeding Miniababies

(only at Miniapolis Plaza Indonesia).