Miniapolis Story


The unique Miniapolis concept in each branch is adapted to the entertainment needs to fill the joy of families in each region.


Miniapolis Plaza Indonesia is the first branch located in Central Jakarta with a mini city concept in the form of Carlo Carousel with a view of Venice imported directly from Italy, Mr. Crick Train Express railless train ready to surround Miniapolis and shops specifically for children and families, Mr. Crick's Wish Garden is a playground with a colorful concept with unique toys that practice children's motor and sensory skills.

Miniapolis is a playground for families with children aged 0-12 years. Miniapolis is specially designed according to the imagination of children's world with a unique selection of games to practice children's motor and sensory skills, supported by routine activities that stimulate children's creativity and imagination.

Miniapolis 23 Paskal, Bandung has a unique concept, with a Mini Zoo in the outdoor area equipped with cute animals that can make your little one directly interact with animals and even feed or ride them! And of course toys with fun physical activities, miniapolis market, which will make your little one socialize with their age, and toys with motor and sensory training concepts including the Baby Area in it.