We Care

We Care

Miniapolis CARE is Miniapolis' commitment to care for children and the environment. Miniapolis believes that every child in the world has the same right to play and grow up in a healthy environment. Through Miniapolis CARE program, Miniapolis hopes that children in Indonesia can play, learn and grow into a healthy and happy children.

Care for Community: Playground for Marunda Community & Entertain Mauk & Jonggol Community


Miniapolis in its vision of sharing joy with every child in Indonesia, presents a playground for children in the Marunda community. This playground can be used every day for free. Every year Miniapolis team visits locations that are far from urban areas and lack play facilities.

In every visit, Miniapolis Team entertains the neighborhood children with various entertaining games and activities that also hone their creativity, such as coloring or painting. In addition, Miniapolis also distributed gifts in the form of nutritious food and drinks, Miniapolis merchandise as well as toys, books, bags, and clothes that were donated by children who visited the Miniapolis playground. 






Ramadhan & Christmas Charity


Every month of Ramadan and before Christmas, Miniapolis together with Plaza Indonesia and Grand Hyatt Jakarta invite children to play in Miniapolis for free and entertain them with interesting events, food, and goodie bags to bring home.

Donation Drop Box


Through this program, Miniapolis invites children to learn to share with other less fortunate friends.

Bring books, clothes, and toys that are still fit for use to the nearest Miniapolis to be distributed to other children in need. Each donor is given a “Miniapolis Care” sticker/pin as a token of gratitude for the donation given.

Care for Health & Environment


Every year, Miniapolis visits schools in Jakarta and Bandung areas to invite children to love the environment and encourage the children to promote a healthy lifestyle. For example, supported by the Ministry of Forestry, Miniapolis brought tree seedlings in an effort to reforest schools in Jakarta and Bandung areas.